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Hack for Savannah/ndoch

Pre-Event Resources We'll be posting generic links to resources that will help prepare participants in this category of the forum, so be sure to keep an eye on it as the hackathon approaches. Tips for Participants This category if for pre-event tips for registered participants to best prepare for the hackathon, and to know what to expect. And it may contain just a <em>few</em> hints along the way. Hack for Savannah General Announcements This category is for General Announcements from <span class="hashtag">#hack4sav</span> Organizers. All participants will receive notifications from new topics posted here.
About the Hack for Savannah/ndoch category [Hack for Savannah/ndoch] (1)
Vector assets for #hack4sav [Hack for Savannah General Announcements] (2)
Hack for Savannah rescheduled due to Irma aftermath [Hack for Savannah General Announcements] (1)
Locality knowledge! [Tips for Participants] (1)
A one-word hint for the Hackathon challenge [Tips for Participants] (1)
[$25 BOUNTY] A designer ask: Someone to make a better logo for Hack for Savannah? [Hack for Savannah/ndoch] (2)
Quick rundown of NDOCH event [Hack for Savannah/ndoch] (1)
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