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Big Picture

Iterative Organizational Structure Development
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Civic tech patterns (WIKI) [Big Picture] (1)
NEW REPORT: Five Lessons for Tech-Empowered Civic Engagement [Big Picture] (1)
How might we activate potential civically-interested technologists and problem-solvers at local colleges and Universities? [Big Picture] (4)
What we mean when we say "Build with, not for" [Big Picture] (1)
Speaking on Crimestoppers' radio show Wed. about Open Savannah [Big Picture] (8)
WIKI: Project Lead/Maintainer Role: Framework of Responsibilities [Big Picture] (1)
Philosophy: Community Engagement Launchpad Events [Big Picture] (1)
Engagement as ultimate goal to achieve progress [Big Picture] (1)
Assets for opensavannah.org [Big Picture] (3)
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