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Active Projects

Open Budget Savannah We've been talking about the need to visualize the city's budget. The FY '18 proposed budget will be released soon. Also of interest is the possibility of creating a participatory budgeting system. Public Safety Data Checkup This project seeks to gather and analyze crime data from <a href="http://scmpd.org">SCMPD</a> to determine trends and/or possible correlations between crime rates and other factors. It also will involve a citizen reporting system in which residents can quickly record whenever they file a police report and have it be automatically mapped and analyzed for geospatial trends. SavMaps SavBook.io This subcategory is for discussion, project planning and resource sharing for SavBook, the project for the Brigade's first community launchpad night. Participatory Budgeting Savannah For planning, updates, documentation, project and product management for First Two (2) phases of PB project. CAT Tracker This category is for project planning and discussion of real-time tracking for CAT vehicles. If/when this project changes status, it will be moved into either the <code>Planned Projects</code> or <code>Active Projects</code>.
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Criteria of resources - four per group [SavBook.io] (1)
Chatham County Police Precincts [SavBook.io] (1)
PROJECT RESOURCE: Social and Youth Service Organizations (WIP) - Savannah [SavBook.io] (1)
PROJECT RESOURCE: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Locations [SavBook.io] (1)
Four Things to Know About Tonight's Civic Launchpad [SavBook.io] (1)
SEEKING: Laptops for temporary use for hacknight participants [SavBook.io] (4)
Food Insecurity and Fresh Produce Resources - Savannah [SavBook.io] (1)
SavBook.io Project Briefing, Specs, Etc [SavBook.io] (7)
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