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Site Announcements

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it, as well as brigade announcements. Note: All topics posted to this category automatically notify all users; please use with discretion.


This category is for discussing, documenting, calendar scheduling and mapping of events. By default, it allows all topics to have a date and time as well as a location attached to them.

Active Projects

The Active Projects category is a broad umbrella for discussion of all currently ACTIVE (meaning a project lead and core team has been assigned) Brigade civic-tech projects. In the future, it may be necessary to create subcategories by domain area.

Community Input

If you have something to contribute – whether it be a community issue. a problem you've noticed, or a suggestion that doesn't quite fit the scope of proposing a project –– feel free to post it here.

Proposed Projects

This category is for posting project proposals from the community and brigade members, as well as to discuss currently proposed projects.

Planned Projects

The Planned Project Category is for discussion and brainstorming on projects that are still in the formation phase but have a team assembled and are in progress.

Brigade Updates/Meeting Minutes

This category is for documenting all meetings, events, critical updates or other discussions/brigade happenings.

Big Picture

This category is for us to communicate with each other about the end goals of the Brigade, and why we do things the way we do. Rather than project-centric, this category's discussion should aim for broader dialogue about how we engage with other citizens, how we collaborate with civil servants and how we encourage civic engagement and participatory governance through the creative use of technology and data.

How To

Tutorials, tips, quick on-the-fly sage advice from fellow Brigade members.

Open Data

This category is for (a) suggesting public datasets that might be pursued for civic use, (b) requesting help scraping, cleaning or refining public data and (c) posting public data that Brigade members or community members have found that they find of interest.

Prototypes/demos for feedback

This category is for sharing your work for iterative group feedback in a more broadly seen and less conversationally-driven format than Slack threads allow. Share links to examples, links to other projects you like that we maybe could adopt, or other brainstorming.

Hack for Savannah/ndoch

This category is solely for use in planting clues, posting updates, gathering participant feedback and serving as an overall reference guide for Savannah Day of Civic Hacking 2017, scheduled for Sept.23-24 at Bull St. Labs with up to $6K in prize money available to winning teams.
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